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Wulanbutong Landscape © Dashu Xinganling/Shutterstock

Welcome to the Silk Roads Photo Gallery!

Feel free to browse this gallery for thousands of photographs from every corner of the historic Silk Roads.  

Photographs that are ©UNESCO can be re-used freely for non-profit purposes only. In order to use photographs for which UNESCO is not the copyright holder, please contact the photographer directly.

Submit your own photos of the Silk Roads! If you live or have travelled on a section of the Silk Roads and have photographs that you would like to share, let us know! We are happy to display photos sent in from across the routes, and will credit each photo to your name.  Please send us:

  • Your photo, in high-resolution and as high quality as possible
  • The exact location and country in which it was taken, and if possible, a description to accompany the photo
  • The date the photograph was taken
  • Your name, contact details, and copyright information for the photograph 

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