Conference on Asian Civilizations Dialogue and Panel on Safeguarding the Diversity of Asian Civilizations

The parallel panel on "Safeguarding the Diversity of Asian Civilizations" is organized by the Chinese Ministry of Education, in close collaboration with UNESCO on 15 May 2019 in Beijing, China.

On the 15th of May, under the auspices of President Xi Jinping, the Conference on Asian Civilizations Dialogue (CDAC) will be held in Beijing, China. The conference will host the opening ceremony and six parallel sub-forums around the theme of Asian civilization exchanges and mutual understanding. The Asian Cultural Carnival, Asian Civilization Week, Asian Food Festival and other activities are planned to be organized alongside this conference. Around 1500 experts from around the world, including heads of state and high-level governmental representatives, are invited to attend the conference which seeks to promote intercultural dialogue in view of building an “Asian Community of Shared Future”.

As part of this conference, the Ministry of Education of China in collaboration with UNESCO will organize the parallel panel: Safeguarding the Diversity of Asian Civilizations. The panel will focus on:

  • Historical perspectives of the diversity of Asian civilizations,
  • Cultural interactions among Asian peoples including the common heritage of the Silk Roads,
  • Challenges of revitalizing Asian Civilizations cultural diversity whilst promoting their commonalities.

Designed on the basis of knowledge developed by UNESCO through its Regional and General Histories as well as its Routes of Dialogue projects, this panel will bring together a number of internationally renowned experts to present on these topics and to discuss the major challenges facing the rapprochement and peaceful coexistence of Asian Civilizations in today’s context.



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